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About The Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project

Meet Flossie. She's one of the feral cats who make their home in the village of Lyndhurst, Ontario, Canada. Like many other places, we have an abundance of homeless and feral cats. Fortunately, unlike many places, we also have a group of caring people who worry about the cats. 

We have volunteers who go out early in the mornings and late in the evenings to check on them, and leave them fresh food and water. They do this even if it's cold and stormy ... especially if it's cold and stormy.

We have volunteers who take sick cats to see the vet for treatment, and to have the cats neutered, when needed. 

Eventually, the Project hopes to stabilize and manage the cat colony, so that the cats live out their lives in health and happiness.

If you'd like to help, you can buy some buttons. All the money goes to the cats.

Visit: http://villagecats.com/ for more information.